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IAPMO Seeks We•Stand™ Task Group Members

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) is seeking applicants to serve as technical experts on Water Efficiency and Sanitation Standard™ (WE•Stand) task groups.

The WE•Stand Technical Committee is seeking special subject experts to join the following task groups:

  • Alternate Water Sources — The scope of this task group is to research technologies and develop provisions for on-site treatment for storm water and blackwater catchment systems for non-potable and potable reuse, and the appropriate disinfection and testing requirements for these systems according to the end use. Additionally, definitions for different types of alternate water sources need to be distinguished for better understanding across the industry.
  • Water Efficiency and Conservation — The scope of this task group is to investigate the water-efficiency performance for the following:
    • Different kinds of water heaters and water heating control strategies
    • Pool covers that allow the collection of rainwater to be used as makeup water. The task group will also research the efficiency performance of sand filters versus cartridge filters.
    • Landscape plant material that reduces water usage. The task group will also review landscape provisions in WE•Stand for updates.
    • Using the performance path in RESNET HERS H20 and WER Index to compare with the prescriptive path in WE•Stand.
  • Premise Water Supply System Design — The scope of this task group is to investigate premise plumbing water supply system design provisions that would result in improved water quality and water- and/or energy-efficiency performance. Strategies to investigate include minimizing pipe sizes and lengths, strategically locating fixtures and appliances near each other and to the water heater, piping strategies to prevent or minimize stagnation, velocity minimums and maximums for water quality control, and technologies for leak detection devices.
  • Commercial Food Services — The scope of this task group is to research new water conservation technologies for the commercial food service industry, including water treatment systems (POU reverse osmosis, water softeners, etc.), dipper well alternatives, frozen carbonated beverage machines, compressed air boosted pre-rinse spray valves, and biological and composting technologies for FOG food waste management. The task group will explore better solutions for exempting the equirement of tempering water for combination ovens, commercial food steamers, commercial dishwashers, and ware washers while also considering the impact of hot water on grease interceptor performance.
  • Non-traditional Toilets — The scope of this task group is to develop an informative appendix for the Composting Toilet Inspection Checklist, and to investigate non-traditional toilets in the pending ISO/FDIS 30500 Non-Sewered Sanitation Systems for possible inclusion in WE•Stand.

The objective of each task group is to develop recommendations for the WE•Stand Technical Committee for consideration. Those interested in participating on the WE•Stand Task Groups may apply here. The deadline to apply is Sept. 10, 2018. Interested individuals may also contact Maria Bazan at (708) 995-3007 or by email at

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