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Date: April 29-May 3, 2019

Name: ASSE 5110 Backflow Tester 40 Hour Class and Exam

Location: Anoka, MN

Description: At this forty (40) hour training, participants will be presented with the guidelines used for acceptable practices of testing backflow prevention assemblies. The participants will also learn the principles of cross-connection control and the methods and devices used to prevent backflow of undesirable substances into water distribution and plumbing systems carrying potable water. Upon completion of the course, the participants will receive sufficient information and skills to pass the American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) Examination. On the last day of the training the certification examination will be administered. This consists of a written examination and a hands-on examination. The exam for an initial tester certification consists of 100 questions. Presently, the initial certification candidate must demonstrate the field test procedure for a reduced pressure principle assembly, double check valve assembly, pressure vacuum breaker assembly, and spill-resistant vacuum breakers without notes or assistance. - Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification pre-requisite: Five years of industry-related experience.

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