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5110 N. MINGO RD
TULSA, OK 74117
United States

Phone: 918 437-8333
Fax: 918 437-8487
   Lab #: 0000033
Expires: 1/31/2024
Number of Employees: 11

Tests to Standards:
ANSI/ICC A117.1-2017
ANSI A108, A118, & A136-2017
ANSI A118.12

ASME A112.1.2-2012
ASME A112.1.3-2000(R2010)
ASME A112.3.1-2007 (except section 3.2)
ASME A112.3.4-2000
ASME A112.4.7-2002 (R2008) (except toxicity)
ASME A112.6.1M-1997 (R2008)
ASME A112.6.3-2022/CSA B79.3-2022
ASME A112.6.4-2003 (R2008)
ASME A112.6.7-2022/CSA B79.3-2022
ASME A112.14.1-2003 (R08)
ASME A112.14.3-2018
ASME A112.18.1-2018/ CSA B125.1-2018 (Except Toxicity) (Sect 4.1.2, 4.14, 5.2.2, 5.13)
ASME A112.18.2-2020/CSA B125.2-20
ASME A112.18.6-2017/CSA B125.6-17(except toxicity)
ASME A112.19.1-2018/ CSA B45.2-18
ASME A112.19.14-2013
ASME A112.19.19-2016
ASME A112.19.2-2018/ CSA B45.1-18
ASME A112.19.3-2017/CSA B45.4-17
ASME A112.19.5-2017
ASME A112.19.10-2003 (R08)
ASME A112.19.7-2012 (CAN/CSA-B45 SERIES-2002(R2008))
ASME A112.21.1M-1991
ASME A112.21.2M-1983
ASME A112.21.3M -1985 (R2007)
ASME A112.36.2-1991 (R2002)

ASSE 1001-2017 (CSA CAN/CSA-B64 SERIES-2011;B64 SERIES-2011)
ASSE 1002-2020/ASME A112.1002-2020/CSA B125.12-20
ASSE 1003-2020
ASSE 1010-2004 (except material)
ASSE 1011-2017(CSA, CAN/CSA-B64 SERIES-2011)
ASSE 1012-2021
ASSE 1013-2011
ASSE 1014-20020 (except material)
ASSE 1015-2011
ASSE 1016-2017/ ASME A112.1016-2017/ CSA B125.16-17
ASSE 1017-2009 (except material toxicity)
ASSE 1018-2001(R2021) (except material)
ASSE 1019-2011
ASSE 1020-2004(CAN/CSA B64.1.2)
ASSE 1021-2001
ASSE 1023-1920
ASSE 1024-2017 (except material)
ASSE 1030-2016
ASSE 1032-2004
ASSE 1035-2020(CSA CAN/CSA-B64 SERIES-2011)
ASSE 1037-2015/ ASME A112.1037-2015/ CSA B125.37-15 (except toxicity)
ASSE 1044-2023
ASSE 1047-2011
ASSE 1048-2011
ASSE 1050-2009
ASSE 1051-2009
ASSE 1052-2004 (CSA, CAN/CSA-B64 SERIES-2013, B64 SERIES-2011)
ASSE 1055-2009
ASSE 1056-2001 (Except Material Toxicity)
ASSE 1057-2001 (except material)
ASSE 1061-11
ASSE 1062-2006 (except material)
ASSE 1066-1997 (except material)
ASSE 1071-2012
ASSE 1072-2007

ASTM C1173-2018 (Section 10.3.1 and 12)
ASTM C1277-2020
ASTM D1598-2002
ASTM D1599-1999
ASTM D2513-2012e1 (Sustained Pressure Test)
ASTM D2661-2011 (except materials)(CSA, CAN/CSA-B181.1-M90)
ASTM D2662-1993
ASTM D2665-2014 (CSA, CAN/CSA-B181.2.-M90)
ASTM D2666-1993
ASTM D2737-2003 (Except Basic Material-Cell Class)
ASTM D2846-2009be1 (except cell classification)
ASTM D4551-2012(Except Shear Resistance)
ASTM E84-2011a
ASTM F462-1979(R2007)
ASTM F409-2012 (Except Cell Classification)
ASTM F1924-2012
ASTM F1973-2013e1

CSA B45.5-2022/IAPMO Z124-22
CSA B45.8-2018/IAPMO Z403-18.
CSA B64.2-11(R2016)
CSA B70-2012
CSA B79-2008
CSA B481-12(R2017)
CSA 602-16

EPA WaterSense High Efficiency Flushing Urinal Specification, Version 1.0 Dated 2009-08-14
EPA WaterSense High-Efficiency Lavatory Faucet Specification, Version 1.2 Dated 2007-10-01
EPA WaterSense Specification for Showerheads, Version 1.2 Dated 2010-03-04
EPA WaterSense Specification for Tank-Type Toilets, Version 1.1 Dated 2011-05-20
EPA WaterSense Specification for Weather- Based Irrigation Controllers, Version 1.0 Dated 2011-11-03

IAPMO IGC 67-2009a
IAPMO IGC 122-2005ae1(R2013)
IAPMO IGC 127-2018 (Except 4.3)
IAPMO IGC 150-2009
IAPMO IGC 161-2007
IAPMO IGC 167-2011ae1
IAPMO IGC 168-2012 (except toxicity)
IAPMO IGC 171-2007 (except section 7.3)
IAPMO IGC 178-2002 (R2014)
IAPMO IGC 182-2012
IAPMO IGC 183-2016
IAPMO IGC 187-2012
IAPMO IGC 194-2004a
IAPMO IGC 198-2004
IAPMO IGC 263-2013e1
IAPMO IGC 267-2011
IAPMO IGC 275-2010
IAPMO IGC 331-2016
IAPMO PS 106-2015e1
IAPMO PS 34-2003 (Except Cell Classification)
IAPMO PS 46-2013
IAPMO PS 52-2009
IAPMO PS 54-2015
IAPMO PS 55-1992 (except materials)
IAPMO PS 59-2012 (Less Cell Class)
IAPMO PS 65-2019 (Except 4.2 NSF 61)
IAPMO PS 67-2010
IAPMO PS 69-2006 (except materials)
IAPMO PS 72-2007e1 (except toxicity)
IAPMO PS 76-2021
IAPMO PS 79-2005 (except toxicity)
IAPMO PS 90-2014
IAPMO PS 91-2005a
IAPMO PS 94-2012
IAPMO PS 95-2001
IAPMO PS 98-1996
IAPMO PS 99-2007
IAPMO TS 1-2011e1
IAPMO TS 2-2005
IAPMO TS 4-2006
IAPMO TS 11-2011a
IAPMO TS 20-2009
IAPMO TS 22-1997e1 (except 4.3.3)
IAPMO TS 30-1997e1
IAPMO Z124-2022/ CSA B45.5-22
IAPMO Z1000-2019
IAPMO Z1001-2016
IAPMO Z1157-2014e1
IAPMO Z124.5-2013e1 (R2018)
IAPMO Z124.7-2013 (R2018)
IAPMO/ANSI Z124.8-2013

Flammability (ASTM E 162-1983, ASTM E 662)
LADWP SPS Specification
UNAR 2006

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