“HydroniX Talk” is an internet-based talk show hosted by RPA Member Mark Eatherton that brings together experts and professionals from the radiant and hydronic industries to discuss trends and issues facing contractors, designers, and project developers.
Each episode begins with news and updates concerning the RPA and the industry, followed by an interview and/or presentation from the featured guest(s), who will then take questions concerning the interview/presentation. At the end of each show, attendees are invited to bring forth their biggest troubleshooting job/problem and give the hosts and guests, as well as other audience members, the opportunity to answer their question.
“The intent of the show is to be educational, entertaining and informational,” Eatherton said. “It is also a platform for our manufacturing members to give them a chance to sit in and talk about what’s new in their company, and give them an opportunity to toot their own horn.”
Professionals from the radiant and hydronic industry are already heaping praise on the new show. Mike Miller, chairman of the Canadian Hydronics Council, participated in the first program.
“The group and the format were very exciting,” he said. “Not only was it very informative and entertaining at the same time, but it featured some of the greatest thought leaders in the industry. I will make myself available for any future opportunity with this program. Our friends from all arms of the industry will benefit from participation. It allows each and every one of us to broaden our horizon and gain knowledge and expertise to create additional value to any of our customers. This is the kind of great stuff that sets the leaders apart from the pack!”
Harvey Ramer of Ramer Mechanical, LLC called the talk show one of the best resources ever made available for hydronic professionals.
“It’s such a great place to learn!” he said. “I would challenge anybody to attend. I guarantee you will learn important things that you hadn’t even thought to ask yet! Where else could you find a seat and listen to the smartest heating/cooling guys in the world? The knowledge that I gain by attending this show helps me to put more money in my pocket. I can live with that!”
Added renowned hydronic expert Dan Holohan, who appeared on a January edition of “HydroniX Talk”: “I couldn't believe how good that was, especially considering it was the first time! I learned some new things and you guys really made me think. There were also plenty of laughs along the way. Here's to the new RPA! Long may you rock.”
Permission to attend and participate in the show is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to paid members. To request an invitation, email Eatherton at mark.eatherton@radiantprofessionalsalliance.org.

Episode 1 - "Hydronic Myth Busting" featuring Robert Bean and John Siegenthaler

Episode 2 - Thermal Battery Storage Systems

Colin Wunder and James Schenck give a presentation on thermal battery storage systems, which uses water source heat pumps, and generating ice to create and store site derive/generated energy.

Episode 3 - Tacos BumbleBee Variable Speed Pumps

John Barba and Dave Holdorf of Taco give a presentation on Tacos BumbleBee variable speed pumps using temperature differential as the control element.


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