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IAPMO Advances Development of 2018 Solar and Swimming Pool Codes During Technical Committee Meetings

IAPMO recently completed Technical Committee Meetings toward the development of the 2018 editions of the Uniform Solar Energy and Hydronics Code (USEHC®) and Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code (USPSHTC®), both American National Standards.
During the Oct. 25-26 meetings held via conference call and at IAPMO’s World Headquarters West in Ontario, Calif., the committees acted on more than 173 proposed amendments to the 2015 editions of these Uniform Codes.

Public proposals to the USPSHTC address such issues as:

  • Updating requirements for the design, materials and methods of construction, facilities, and decks as they pertain to public and private swimming pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Adding reference standards where appropriate and the updating of existing reference standards
  • Reviewing the requirements for Aquatic Recreational Attractions with regards to diving facilities, slides, decks, means of access, equipment, and wave pools

Public proposals to the USEHC address such issues as:

  • Protection of potable water in hydronic systems
  • Air testing of plastic piping in hydronic systems
  • Tankless water heaters for hydronic heating systems
  • Open- and closed-type expansion tanks
  • New material for hydronic systems
  • Radiant heating and cooling tube fasteners
  • Hydronic plastic tubing joining methods
  • Hydronic underground piping installation
  • Direct exchanger (DX) systems
  • Vertical boreholes
  • Factory-made air ducts
  • Flexible air ducts
  • Duct leakage tests
  • Electrical provisions in solar photovoltaic systems

Furthermore, the USEHC Technical Committee requested the formation of two task groups. A Geothermal Piping Task Group will review items 97-100 of the 2016 USEHC Report on Proposals (ROP) with regard to testing of u-bends and headers in Geothermal Systems, Section 703.4.2. A Photovoltaic Task Group will review items 122-126 of the 2016 USEHC ROP with regard to Photovoltaic Systems, Sections 901.0, 902.0, 903.0, 908.0, and 909.0.
In accordance with IAPMO’s American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited code development process, balloting through the USEHC and USPSHTC Technical Committees will begin on Nov. 15 and conclude on Dec. 16. The ROP will be created from these balloted actions and distributed to committee members on Feb. 21, 2017.

For specific information about the USEHC, please contact Enrique Gonzalez at (909) 230-5535 or email your question to enrique.gonzalez@iapmo.org. For the USPSHTC, contact Lynne Simnick at (909) 472-4110 or email your question to lynne.simnick@iapmo.org.

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