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World Plumbing Council Unveils Research Database

The World Plumbing Council (WPC), an international organization dedicated to developing and promoting the image and standards of the plumbing industry worldwide, is proud to announce the availability of a research database on its website.

The WPC Research Database provides users with the opportunity to investigate what is happening around the globe with regard to research efforts into plumbing and water-related issues; it is a resource for all interested parties to learn about industry-related research programs that have been completed or are in progress. The database also has a feature allowing users to submit their ideas and recommendations for new research programs toward advancing the body of knowledge on these topics.

In providing this resource, the WPC hopes to reduce duplication of research efforts and facilitate a new level of collaboration among researchers. The website is intended to be utilized by academic researchers, students, industry, manufacturers, associations, standards-developing organizations, governmental entities or any individual interested in plumbing or water-related research programs.

The website uses free and open-source "wiki"-type software intended to be usable by anyone without having to download or install any proprietary programs. As with any wiki site, the growth and usefulness of this website will be dependent upon how well utilized it becomes by its users.

"I'm excited about the availability of the WPC Research Database," said Pete DeMarco, senior vice president of Advocacy and Research for The IAPMO Group. DeMarco was one of several co-chairs from around the globe who worked to develop the database for the WPC. "As water risk challenges become increasingly apparent globally, the database can play a role toward reducing redundancy in research efforts and creating a platform for researchers to collaborate and share ideas and data."

Sudhakaran Nair, WPC chairman, said: "This is a fantastic initiative and I commend all involved in its development. It provides a unique research portal for individuals, industry associations and manufacturers across the world to access and upload valuable research information."

The WPC Research Database may be found at http://www.worldplumbing.org/research/tiki-index.php or by visiting the WPC homepage at http://worldplumbing.org/index.html and clicking on "Research" on the upper right portion of the page. 

The WPC works to develop and promote the image and standards of the plumbing industry worldwide and to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and technology between plumbing industry organizations and individuals around the globe. It also promotes and assists in plumbing industry education and training, recognizing the need for appropriate standards and their international recognition, and seeks to create awareness of the plumbing industry's role in protecting the environment by providing safe fresh water and sanitation through proper management, care, reuse and conservation of natural resources. For more information about the WPC, direct your Web browser to

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