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Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue Honors TOTO

Company Recognized for Helping Create a Culture of Conservation

Governor Sonny Perdue honored TOTO USA on October 6 with the 2010 Conserve Georgia Water Conservation Award. The award recognizes the company for leading the way in sustainable water use by developing water-saving plumbing fixtures, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency in its Morrow manufacturing plant, and educating employees, the community, and fellow businesses on the importance of water conservation and how to achieve it.

The Governor began the Conserve Georgia program in 2008 with the goal of encouraging a statewide "culture of conservation" that helps preserve and sustain the state's natural resources for generations to come.

"Georgia is blessed with abundant natural resources. It's important to the vitality of our state that we protect these resources for the future," said Governor Perdue. "Businesses like TOTO are leading the way in creating a culture of conservation, and it is my pleasure to recognize them for their accomplishments."

Chris Clark, Chair of the Conserve Georgia Council and Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, affirmed the governor's statement: "We are proud to recognize TOTO USA with the 2010 Conserve Georgia Water Conservation Award, acknowledging their commitment to promoting water efficiency in their facility, products, and community."

Over the past several years, TOTO has garnered numerous conservation awards, both local and national, for its commitment to environmental stewardship. For example, Georgia's Southface Energy Institute, the Southeast's non-profit leader in the promotion of sustainable homes, workplaces, and communities, has recognized the company with its prestigious Argon Award for Sustainability for its outstanding environmental leadership. At the national level, TOTO is the only plumbing manufactured honored by the Environmental Protection Agency with its coveted Water Efficiency Leader Award.

The company actively shares its passion for environmental sustainability by serving in the leadership positions of organizations focused on energy and water-efficiency, such as the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system, and the Alliance for Water Efficiency, a national organization dedicated to water efficiency that is spearheaded by the EPA.

"TOTO is continuously looking for ways to eliminate waste, create more efficient products, and improve people's lives through all levels of social sustainability. From product lifecycle analysis that ensures the smallest carbon footprint possible to advocating water savings through end-user practices, TOTO is dedicated to natural resource conservation," stated Bill Strang, Vice President of Operations at TOTO.

In fact, all employees at TOTO's manufacturing facilities are personally involved in the company's conservation efforts. At its encouragement, they bring their recyclables to the plant, and TOTO ships to the appropriate recycling facilities.

"At TOTO, conservation at all levels, including recycling, reducing waste, and manufacturing high-efficiency products is a part of our DNA. It is part of our manufacturing practices and our employees' daily lives," continued Strang.


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