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IAPMO R&T Expands Green Product Certification Program

In response to unprecedented demand from the plumbing industry, IAPMO R&T, North America's premier third party plumbing product certification agency, has revamped its Green Certification Program.

With the Jan. 1, 2011, deadline for product compliance to CALGreen fast approaching, manufacturers are urgently seeking ways to achieve and document to California inspectors, architects and designers their products' compliance with the requirements of the new Code.

The following FAQ about IAPMO R&T's program may aid manufacturers in their decision-making:

What is it? An optional IAPMO R&T Green Product Listing Certification to Green Codes, Standards and Rating Systems.

Why should I open another file for a Green Listing with IAPMO R&T? First and foremost, opening such a file is completely optional. As you know, there is a great deal of confusion in the marketplace regarding the requirements in various Green codes, standards and rating systems. IAPMO R&T seeks to provide an easy solution for manufacturers to demonstrate compliance to the programs of their choosing with a certificate of listing from IAPMO R&T, an ANSI-accredited independent third party certification body. From conversations we've had with some of our clients, we've learned such a certificate would be very valuable for the sale and marketing of Green-compliant products. The listing is a great way to demonstrate to your customers and inspectors that your products meet the respective Green code, standard or rating system in question.

What will it cover? To start, the program will offer manufacturers a certificate of listing showing their products to be compliant with any or all of the following: 2010 California Green Building Standards Code — "CALGreen"; The IAPMO Green Plumbing and Mechanical Code Supplement; USGBC's LEED® Rating System; and GBI's Green Globes. Listing to additional programs will be made available when published and based on demand for such services.

How will it work? Only one file for all programs. The listee will advise which of the above programs they want their products to undergo for Green certification. IAPMO R&T will review the test data on file or a test report submitted by a recognized laboratory that determines the percent reduction from the applicable baseline for that particular product.

Can I combine this listing with my EPA WaterSense® file? No. The EPA requires explicit ongoing compliance requirements for all products shown in a WaterSense® listing. As such, combining these files is not possible.

How much does it cost? The fee schedule will be finalized shortly and will be based on the number of options you choose. For more information on fees, please contact Karen Snowden at karen.snowden@iapmort.org or Brenda Madonna at brenda.madonna@iapmort.org.

Will I incur additional inspections as a result of opening these files? No. As a prerequisite to an IAPMO R&T Listing for Green Codes, Standards and Rating Systems listing, all products must be listed by IAPMO R&T to baseline requirements contained in the applicable industry standards. As such, continuous compliance of Green listed products will be carried out in accordance with that listing and no additional inspections will be required.


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