Q1 2022
ITAR/EAR…. Who's Doing Enough?
Can your supply chain be changing yet still strengthening at the same time? There is a lot we can do to improve efficiencies and better protect ourselves. Can your business afford a $1,000,000.00 violation? How about civil and criminal penalties including prison time up to 10 years? Is your organization changing fast enough to provide the right solutions and anticipate the challenges that lie ahead in 2022 and beyond? 
ITAR/EAR compliance is one of those challenges that many businesses face daily. Keeping up with requirements takes away valuable resources and focus from other important areas of operation. In many cases, organizations MUST hold compliance to obtain new business and keep existing government contracts. Failure to maintain proper ITAR/EAR compliance can cause major consequences including fines or even jail time.    
For businesses covered under the United States Munitions List, there is a requirement to be ITAR certified/compliant and registered with the State Department's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). ITAR also has similar requirements in the technology space. The goal of the legislation is to control access to specific types of technology and their associated data.
Performing periodic audits is needed to verify the integrity of your compliance program and may become increasingly difficult to execute with a workforce already at 100% capacity. Internal Monitoring is not only recommended by the U.S. Department of State, but it is vital for maintaining compliance to the ITAR/EAR program.
The use of a 3rd party service provider to assist with these audits is a good best practice and allows for fresh perspective from an industry expert. An assessment covers the validation of full export compliance, including adherence to license and other approval conditions. They will measure effectiveness of day-to-day operations and required controls that must be in place. These assessments will also ensure your ITAR/EAR regulations are in order prior to your Quality Certification Audits (e.g., ISO 9001 or AS9100).

IAPMO's SCS assessments are value-added, cost-effective and a simple way to measure your organizations compliance to the ITAR/EAR regulations. 

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Three Important Changes to the CMMC Framework
With the release of CMMC 2.0 in late 2021, the DoD has streamlined its original 1.0 model. As a result, CMMC compliance will be simpler and more affordable. Preveil.com has highlighted three important changes to the CMMC framework and explain what they mean for your compliance journey.

Change #1: DoD has completely aligned the requirements for the new Level 2 with the 110 security controls of NIST SP 800-171.

Change #2: CMMC 2.0 will permit the use of POAMs.

Change #3: CMMC 2.0 will permit some defense contractors to self-attest their cybersecurity compliance.
WEBINAR: The Truth About CMMC
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CMMC Certification will be a requirement for the over 400,000 vendors in the supply chain to the DOD. Don't waste any time understanding what you need to do and start planning now.

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ISO 9001:2015 Corner – Happy 75th Birthday!
It's three-quarters of a century since ISO brought the world's standards bodies together to commence its operations.

When ISO held its first meeting in 1947, countries around the world were rebuilding and people were looking for ways to turn a dire situation into something more positive. They set out with courage and enthusiasm to discover the most efficient techniques to promote the most effective technology. The answers they found were ISO standards.

Today, our world is facing its greatest challenges ever. We will continue work to promote the benefits of standards, to develop new standards when needed, using our trusted system of transparency and international consensus. ~ Ulrika Francke, President, ISO

But it wasn't just about addressing technical challenges, it was about a new way of working together. The ISO system was created around the idea that every voice must be heard if we are to find a way to live and work together successfully.

As we celebrate the achievements of the last 75 years, we're looking to the future. The pace of change has only continued to accelerate and ISO is helping to drive and manage that evolution. ~ Sergio Mujica, Secretary-General, ISO

Since that time, 24222 ISO standards are proof of the success of that idea. They cover everything from the nuts-and-bolts of the built world to the Cloud technology that enables you to read this.

Across the last 75 years, ISO standards have become integrated into almost every aspect of the way we live. And with four times as many people trying to get along together as when ISO was founded, our members are committed to standards that makes lives easier, safer and better. That's one more reason to celebrate.
Aerospace Corner – What is ICOP and OCAP? How Will They Impact Your Certification?
A major revision to AS9104-1 is coming this year. IAQG is in the final stages of re-balloting and publishing a revised AS9104-1 certification requirements standard. These highly anticipated changes incorporate lessons learned and strengthen the alignment between the ASD industry and IAF. The ultimate objective of this revision is to improve the value of AQMS certification and increase stakeholder confidence.

Tim Lee of International Aerospace Quality Group has outlined these changes in the article linked below.
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