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From the 2015 UPC Illustrated Training Manual

707.0 Cleanouts.
707.4 Location. Each horizontal drainage pipe shall be provided with a cleanout at its upper terminal, and each run of piping, that is more than 100 feet (30 480 mm) in total developed length, shall be provided with a cleanout for each 100 feet (30 480 mm), or fraction thereof, in length of such piping. An additional cleanout shall be provided in a drainage line for each aggregate horizontal change in direction exceeding 135 degrees (2.36 rad). A cleanout shall be installed above the fixture connection fitting, serving each urinal, regardless of the location of the urinal in the building.

(1) Cleanouts shall be permitted to be omitted on a horizontal drain line less than 5 feet (1524 mm) in length unless such line is serving sinks or urinals.
(2) Cleanouts shall be permitted to be omitted on a horizontal drainage pipe installed on a slope of 72 degrees (1.26 rad) or less from the vertical angle (one-fifth bend).
(3) Excepting the building drain, its horizontal branches, and urinals, a cleanout shall not be required on a pipe or piping that is above the floor level of the lowest floor of the building.
(4) An approved type of two-way cleanout fitting, installed inside the building wall near the connection between the building drain and the building sewer or installed outside of a building at the lower end of a building drain and extended to grade, shall be permitted to be substituted for an upper terminal cleanout.

Cleanouts are required for horizontal drainage piping (see Figure 707.4). For long runs of piping, a cleanout is required every 100 feet. This measurement is taken from the highest end of the horizontal drainage piping to the point of connection with the building sewer. Installing a cleanout above the fixture connection fitting serving each urinal will provide access for mechanically cleaning the drain line without having to remove the urinal from the wall. Of course, there are exceptions to this requirement:
1. A horizontal run from the main less than five feet does not require a cleanout.
2. A direct projection from the building drain in a vertical direction does not require a cleanout. The angle of less than 72 degrees from the vertical does not meet the definition of "vertical" until it reaches a 45-degree angle, but this is referring to pipe with a significant slope from the drain.
3. This is a significant exception. A cleanout is only required on the building drain as it is defined in Chapter 2: Building Drain – "That part of lowest piping of a drainage system which receives the discharge from soil, waste and other drainage pipes inside the walls of the building and conveys it to the building sewer beginning two feet outside the building wall." This piping and its horizontal branches and urinals regardless of location in the building are required to have cleanouts. Piping above the first floor of the building is not required to have a cleanout.
4. A two-way cleanout at the transition of the building drain and sewer can substitute for an upper terminal cleanout only if the distance to the furthest horizontal drainage piping is within 100 feet.

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