View the staus of draft ASSE International standards below.

Designation Title WG Chair Comments
1004  (Draft) Backflow prevention -Commercial Dishwahing Machines    WG in progress 
DRAFT 1086  Draft - Reverse Osmosis Water Efficiency - Drinking Water    Forming Working Group 
DRAFT 15000  (Draft) Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems    WG ballot in progress 
DRAFT 28000  (Draft) Inspectors of Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) rehabitations    WG ballot in Progress 
ASSE 1013  (Draft) Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assemblies    Active Joint Harmonized Task Group working to harmonize with CSA B64 
ASSE 1015  (Draft) Double Check Backflow Prevention Assemblies    Joint Harmonized Task Group working th harmonize with CSA B64 
ASSE 1061  (Draft) Push-Fit Fittings    WG In progress 
ASSE 1088  (Draft) Performance Requirements for Water Softener Regeneration - Brine Reclaim    WG in progress 
ASSE 1103  (Draft) First stage pressure regulating valves and High range pressure regulating valves    Draft out for public review 
ASSE 1112  (Draft) Packaged Plumbing and Mechanical Systems for Continuous Microbiological Mitigation    On Hold 
ASSE 1115  (Draft) Automatic Hot Water Balancing Valve    forming WG 
ASSE 1118  (Draft) Mixing Valves for Hot Water r Recirculation System    Creating Working Group 
ASSE 1119  (Draft) Legionella Reduction and Treatment Devices    on Hold 
ASSE 1376  (Draft) Ultra and Nano Drinking Water Treatment Systems    Creating Working Group 
ASSE 1378  (Draft) Point of Entry Anion Exchange Nitrate Reduction    Creating Working Group 
ASSE 1385  (Draft) Portable Exchange standard for water treatment equipment    on Hold 
DRAFT ASSE 6000  Professional Qualifications Standard for Medical Gas Installers, Inspectors, Verifers, Maintenance Personnel & Instructors  Colombo  WG ballot in Progress 
ASSE 11000  (Draft) High Purity Piping Systems Professional Qualifications Standard    PINs have been filed. Activity on hold. 
ASSE 12000  Draft - Professional Qualifications Standard for Water Management and Infection Control Risk Assessment for Building Systems    Draft out for public review 
ASSE 13000  (Draft) Professional Qualifications Standard for Plumbing and Residential Mechanical Service Personnel    On Hold. No action at this time. 
ASSE 18000  (Draft) Professional Qualifications Standard for Fuel Gas Systems and Equipment Installers and Repairers    PINs have been filed. No action on the standard as of this time. 
ASSE 22000  (Draft) Professional Qualifications Standard for Water Treatment Equipment Personnel  Steenhoek  Draft out for Public Review