ASSE 12020 Course Objectives

Verify that these objectives were covered in your course

  1. General Knowledge
    • Appropriate method for recognizing tasks and activities that may involve exposure
    • Criteria for the selection, use, cleaning, maintenance, storage, disposal and limitations of personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Emergency procedures involving pathogens of OPIM
    • Employer responsibilities
    • Epidemiology of pathogens, biohazards and infectious disease
    • Explanation of an exposure control plan
    • Exposure protocols
    • Hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine protocols
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
    • Modes of transmission of pathogens, biohazards and infectious diseases
    • Post exposure protocols
    • Signage and labeling regulations
    • Use and limitation of proper work practice protocols

  2. Exposure Control Plan
    • Communication of hazards to employees
    • Exposure determination
    • Post exposure follow-up
    • Procedures for evaluating circumstances surrounding an exposure incident record keeping
    • Schedule and method for implementing sections of the standard covering methods of compliance

  3. Engineering and Work Practice Controls
    • Engineering designs or controls that may reduce the employees’ exposure by either removing the hazard or isolating the individual from exposure
    • Proper disposal of biological hazards
    • Schedule for re-examination of practices
    • Work practice controls that alter the manner in which a task is performed

  4. Precautionary Measures
    • Universal Precautions method: all stagnant water, drainage, waste and vent pipes, human and animal blood, and bodily fluids should be considered potentially infectious.
    • Appropriate use & handling of PPE, damaged PPE, sharps & OPIM
    • Training for employees in precautionary measures & PPE

  5. Documenting & Recording
    • Availability of records
    • Confidentiality requirements
    • Exposure control plan
    • Hepatitis B vaccination records
    • Medical exams and tests of employees related to an exposed worker
    • Medical records related to an exposed worker
    • Training records
    • Transfer of records

I verify that the above mentioned instructional objectives have been covered in my course of instruction.