ASSE Online Testing

ASSE Online Testing is available through ASSE Approved training providers. You must take a class prior to taking the exam. If you have not taken a class, please reach out to an ASSE Approved training provider. Contact your local ASSE Approved training provider for class schedules and pricing.

To take your exam, follow these steps:
  1. Below, choose which exam you will be taking (tester, recertification, etc.).
  2. Read through the course objective list and confirm that you were instructed on each of the objectives.
  3. Complete and submit the ASSE Certification Student Application.
  4. Take the exam.

If you are here for UA testing (non-ASSE exams), please click here.

ASSE 5000 Cross-Connection Control Certification

ASSE 7000 Residential Potable Water Fire Protection Certification

ASSE 12000 Health and Safety of Construction and Maintenance Personnel

ASSE 12060 Water Quality Personnel Certification

ASSE 12080 Legionella Water Safety and Management Certification

ASSE 13010 Service Plumber Certification

ASSE 15000 Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Certification

ASSE 21000 Rainwater Systems Certification

ASSE 27000 Hybrid Fire Extinguishing Systems Certification