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IAPMO Advances Development of 2021 Solar, Hydronics & Geothermal Code and Swimming Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Code During Technical Committee Meetings

The IAPMO® recently completed Technical Committee Meetings toward the development of the 2021 editions of the Uniform Solar, Hydronics and Geothermal Code (USHGC™) and Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code (USPSHTC®), both American National Standards.

During the June 18-19 meetings held at IAPMO’s World Headquarters West in Ontario, Calif., the committees acted on 138 proposed amendments to the 2018 editions of these Uniform Codes.

The USHGC Technical Committee acted on 75 public proposals and generated one Technical Committee proposal. Topics discussed included: chemical additives and corrosive fluids; pressure and safety devices for hydronic systems; water-source and air-source heat pumps; insulation thickness requirements for solar thermal system piping and tubing; closed-loop and DX geothermal systems; material and installation provisions for geothermal systems; and new listing requirements for PV systems.

The USPSHTC Technical Committee acted on 63 public proposals and generated one Technical Committee proposal. Topics discussed included: ventilation of natatoriums and methods for sizing dehumidification equipment; provisions for slip-resistant surfaces; edge and depth markers; material standards for pool and spa structural design; turnover times and methods of determining maximum bather loads; handrails, ladders, step and stairs constructions; requirements for Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act compliance and entrapment prevention methods; and provisions for water temperatures for indoor aquatic facilities.        

The USHGC Technical Committee requested the formation of a Hydronics Task Group. This task group will review all hydronics proposals submitted as published in the 2019 USHGC ROP Monograph and will develop public comments for technical committee consideration.
The USPSHTC Technical Committee requested the formation of a Slip-Resistance Task Group. This task group will review the applicability of various slip-resistant surfaces. Also, research will be conducted for additional applicable standards for the purpose of developing public comments for technical committee consideration.

In accordance with IAPMO’s American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited code development process, balloting through the USHGC and USPSHTC Technical Committees will begin on July 9 and conclude on July 29. The Report on Proposals (ROP) will be created from these balloted actions and published on Sept. 9. All consensus body actions will be published in the ROP and will be available for public review.

For specific information about the USHGC or USPSHTC, please contact Taylor Costea at (909) 218-8126 or email your question to

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