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AHR Expo 2020 Education Sessions

The Radiant Professionals Alliance is joining the AHR 2020 EXPO in Orlando, FL, February 3-5, 2020 and will host a radiant/hydronics education track. Below is a list of classes being offered - be sure to attend!

Key Factors for a Successful Snowmelt Design
Speaker: Kolyn Marshall, Systems Engineering Manager, Watts
Monday, Feb 3; 9 – 10AM – Room W311B
This seminar will identify key design elements which drive snowmelt performance and illustrate what happens when conditions change.

Comfort, Health, and Energy Efficiency with Low Mass Radiant Panels and Active Chilled Beams
Speaker: Giancarlo Tosi, Regional Sales Manager at Dadanco
Monday, Feb 3; 4:30 – 5:30 PM – Room W311C&
This session will cover the basics of “why hydronics?”. Learn how radiant panels and active chilled beams work, what make them energy efficient and economical, and how they are being use in high end net zero and architecturally driven projects. It will cover design considerations, control sequences and best practice.

Radiant Heating Do's and Don'ts
Speaker: Steve Swanson, National Trainer at Uponor
Monday, FEB 3; 11:30 – 12:30 PM  Room W312AB
Want to know what makes a radiant heating system work terrific? Join us to examine some of the work done by hacks that leave a terrible taste for radiant in the minds of customers versus work done by real professionals that leave customers smiling and comfortable. This is a skill-building course that will give you real tools to keep you on course for a professional installation.

Separation Anxiety in The Hydronic World
Speaker: Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr, Training & Education Manager at Caleffi Hydronic Solutions
Tuesday, Feb 4; 2:30 – 3:30 PM – Room W311D
New boiler technology involves new piping thinking. This seminar will look at the function and benefits of separation. Hydraulic, air, dirt and magnetic separation, that is. Sizing, selection and installation ideas and tips will be discussed. Bring all your boiler buddies to this cutting edge seminar and topic.

Advantages of Hydraulic Separators in Design, Installation, and Performance
Speaker: William Werthman, Hydronics Business Development Manager-West at Legend Valve
Tuesday, Feb 4; 1:00 – 2:00 PM – Room W311D
This session will look at the features and benefits that have been added to hydraulic separators and explore how this simple device can improve your hydronic design. Learn how a hydraulic separator can make your systems perform more efficiently and consistently.

The BEST Way to Compare HVAC Systems in the Early Project Design Phase
Speakers: Greg Cunniff, Director Application Solutions at Wailiams Comfort Porducts, and Mark Chaffee, V.P. Government Relations and Sustainability at Taco
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – 4 to 5 PM  Room W311D
The Building Efficiency System Tool (BEST) is a free software designed to help prospective buyers, consulting engineers, and design/build professionals analyze real-world HVAC options to pinpoint the best system that meets budgetary and performance requirements. BEST includes pre-configured HVAC systems to quickly compare the most common systems. BEST uses these pre-configured systems in typical building types to compare the most common HVAC systems in each building type quickly and easily. 

Significant Concerns: AHRI/ANSI Standard 1230 Performance Rating of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Multi-Split Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment

The linked white paper below addresses Hydronics Industry Alliance – Commercial (HIA-C) concerns about the AHRI/ANSI Standard 1230 provisions that will be proposed for public comment. The HIA-C produced this document to address several specific issues regarding the revised standard, in particular the provisions having to do with dehumidification. In general, however, we are concerned that certain HVAC equipment efficiency ratings generated through AHRI/ANSI Standard 1230 test procedures appear to significantly exceed actual in-the-field operating efficiencies based on a variety of monitored tests. Although proposed revisions partially address some issues, the HIA-C remains unconvinced that the Standard will produce ratings allowing for accurate comparisons of VRF HVAC technologies with other HVAC system types.

Download the White Paper

RPA Attends CONNECT 2019

Over 900 registered attendess descended on the Indiana Convention Center October 2-4 for PHCC's CONNECT 2019.

The RPA was in attendance and hosted a radiant/hydronics education track. There were more than 50 education events in all. Special events included a tour of The Dallara IndyCar Factory and the Delta Faucet Design Center tour.

There were many members exhibiting at the Product and Technology Showcase - below are a few.

The Nexus Valve Crew

Dan Parr from Dancor Sales

Dino Pioli from Spirotherm

Ken Deason and Nate Oland from Federated Insurance

Lance MacNevin from Plastics Pipe Institute and Bo DeAngelo from Viega

Cass Sisler at Nuova Heat

More information about the event: https://www.contractormag.com/industry-event-news/article/20884241/indy-hosts-phcc-connect-2019?NL=CONT-02&Issue=CONT-02_20191009_CONT-

Still Time to Register: RPA Training to ASSE 19210

RPA training to ASSE 19210 shows that your knowledge of industry best practices, state of the art installation techniques, and compliance with applicable codes and standards has been tested and certified.

During this 24-hour program, you will be provided with the necessary training and examination for certification as a Hydronic Heating and Cooling System Installer. During the training portion of the program, participants learn about hydronic heating and cooling systems – starting with concepts and definitions, and moving into system components and their proper installation, radiant systems, code requirements, system commissioning, documentation and more.

Monday, Jan. 13 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
@ CAL-STEAM / Ferguson
1936 Fairway Dr., San Leandro, CA
Instructor: Robert Green, Category Sales Specialist - HVAC

Two-day online sessions must be complete, prior to attending in order to receive certification.

Click here to download the flyer

Stand out in a growing workforce - Register Today!

Hydronics Industry Alliance H2O Accepted Website Goes Live

The Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) and the Hydronics Industry Alliance – Commercial (HIA-C), a committee of the RPA, announced today that the H2O Accepted website is now live at www.h2oaccepted.org.

H2O Accepted is a new initiative of the HIA-C, designed to showcase the advantages of water-based (hydronic) commercial building space heating and cooling technologies. No other method of heating or cooling a building offers as many choices to control first cost, or offers the same ease of maintenance that hydronic systems can provide. This is due in large part to the wide variety of hydronic system “types” and components that can be utilized in a water-based HVAC system. These many different methods of delivery range from radiators and fan coil units to radiant (in-floor, in-wall, in-ceiling) and chilled beams (for cooling applications). And unlike some other HVAC system types, hydronic system components are interchangeable and available from numerous U.S.-based manufacturers.

A significant percentage of all new “net zero” commercial buildings are utilizing radiant technologies due to their operational cost-effectiveness and comparatively low first cost. In addition, hydronic-based space conditioning systems can be configured to eliminate any on-site combustion of fossil fuels, making them an excellent choice for locations where new fossil fuel-based heating and cooling utility connections are increasingly becoming prohibited at the local jurisdictional level, in an effort to “electrify everything.”

Visit the H2O Accepted website for more information, or check www.hia-c.org for participating company contact information.

Technically-Oriented Project Articles Needed (Showcase Your Project!)

If you would like to showcase your radiant project in the Radiant Comfort Report, we need to hear from you. This publications is bundled with Plumbing & Mechanical with a circulation of 49,000. A great way to show off your project. Please send your submissions to les.nelson@radiantpros.org.

View recent member projects in the publications below.


Have you tried the latest upgrade to the BEST (Building Efficiency System Tool)software, available for download here?

  • BEST is a quick, easy and reliable way to compare the energy and life cycle costs of up to four HVAC systems at one time. It allows one to evaluate and compare various HVAC system candidates early in the conceptual design phase, before final design and construction, in order to save time and money and complete projects more efficiently.
  • The latest upgrade features the new Simple Building Types Wizard. Just pick from 11 different building types and see how the four most common HVAC systems stack up based on your location and building size. It doesn't get any faster than this!
  • We have also updated all of the fuel cost data and climatological data from across the US, Canada and Mexico.
  • Tap into the BEER (Building Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratio. Recent industry research has shown the importance of modelling the energy efficiency of complete systems vs relying on equipment ratings and the significant impact it can have on total life cycle costs. Don't get locked into the wrong system and end up paying the penalty for it the entire life of your building. Use BEST to help make more informed decisions early in the project – before you're locked into an HVAC system choice.
  • We have added new video training tools to help you get started or become an advanced user. Get started today by checking out all the videos here.

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HR Question of the Month

Military Leave – No Notice – Job Protection?


We have an employee who left unexpectedly three-quarters of the way into his shift, stating he was leaving because he was going on military leave for one year. We've not been able to reach him to get further details, and we haven't received any sort of formal documentation backing up his claim. Are we required to hold his job for him for this year? If so, should we have received some sort of formal documentation backing up his claim?


Under the federal Uniformed Services and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), if an employee in the military needs time off from work for training, reserve duty or any other active duty, he or she is entitled to take up to a maximum of five years of job-protected leave for this purpose, cumulatively, even if the leave is taken in intermittent intervals.

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Use Caution When Weather Gets Treacherous

Winter work presents a great many challenges, but it’s the weather that’s the most unpredictable. Be prepared for the season to help keep yourself safe from illness and injury.

Protect Yourself

Whenever possible, schedule work to avoid cold, windy conditions. If dangerous wind chill is present, and work can’t be rescheduled, take added precautions against the cold, such as wearing heavy-duty, cold-weather gear, and taking frequent indoor breaks to warm up.

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Year-end Tax Planning

Now that we’ve lived under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) for more than a year, let’s look at what we’ve learned about how to take full advantage of its provisions.

Here are some moves to consider:

Itemized Deductions
Because of the increased standard deduction ($12,200 Single and $24,400 Married Filing Jointly) and the $10,000 deduction limitation on combined local and state income taxes, many individuals are no longer able to itemize deductions. Consider “bunching” your deductions. This would involve making two years of charitable contributions in one calendar year, or delaying elective medical expenses into one year to put you over the threshold in one year, and taking the standard deduction in the next.

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