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RPA at the AHR Expo in Atlanta

The RPA was exhited to be at the AHR Expo January 12 – 14, 2019 in Atlanta, GA. This year the Show floor exhibited 1,824 companies from across the entire industry, including 497 international exhibitors, bringing together the best in technology and product advancement. Thanks to all those who stopped by the RPA booth.

RPA's Education track powerpoints are available for those who were not able to attend:

Boiling Down to the Best Boiler Solution – Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr, Caleffi Hydronic Solutions

The Benefits of Manifold Flow Meters in Design and Installation for Radiant – Bill Werthman, Legend Valve

Providing Safety, Efficiency, and Value with Hydronic Snow Melting – Lance MacNevin, Plastics Pipe Institute and Bo DeAngelo, Viega

The BEST Way to Compare HVAC Systems in the Early Project Design Phase – Greg Cunniff, Applications Engineer and Mark Chaffee, Taco Comfort Solutions

Distribution Efficiency: The Often Overlooked Advantage of Hydronics Technology – John Siegenthaler, Appropriate Designs

Start Your Engines!

The Radiant Professionals Alliance is joining PHCC's CONNECT 2019 Conference and Exhibition in Indianapolis, IN on October 2 - 4, and will host a radiant/hydronics education track. PHCC's "formula" of the best ideas, innovations and initiatives are sure to get you the inside track to racing past your competition and finishing in Victory Lane. Featuring two exciting keynoters: Richard Tretheway of "This Old House" and its spin-offs and, back by popular demand, economist Connor Lokar of ITR Economics! Full program details coming soon.

Exhibit Space Application (PDF)

Exhibitor Booth Personnel Registration (PDF)

Technically-Oriented Project Articles Needed (Showcase Your Project!)

If you would like to showcase your radiant project in one of the two premier radiant publications in 2019, Radiant Living or the Radiant Comfort Report, we need to hear from you. Each of these publications is bundled with a prominent magazine; Radiant Living with Contractor Magazine with a circulation of 55,000+, and the Radiant Comfort Report with Plumbing & Mechanical with a circulation of 49,000. A great way to show off your project. Please send your submissions to les.nelson@radiantpros.org.

View last year's projects in the publications below.

Hydronics Industry Alliance – Commercial Releases BEST 2.0

The HIA-C, a committee of the RPA, has announced the release of a new version of the free Building Efficiency System Tool (BEST). The BEST solves a long-standing industry issue of being able to accurately compare different styles of HVAC systems, which are all tested to different standards, with various efficiency ratings (EER, IEER, SEER, COP, HSPF), as they are applied in an actual building. The BEST 2.0 allows designers to easily comply with ASHRAE 209 Early Box Modeling requirements with the inclusion of real cost, budget and comparative energy efficiency predictions. This results in better decision-making information for prospective builders, consulting engineers, and design-build professionals about their selection options for HVAC systems during the early design, pre-build process. Get your FREE copy of BEST at www.BESThvac.org.



Start Taking Advantage of Your Service Roundtable Benefits

Created By Contractors For Contractors
The Service Roundtable is a revolutionary organization founded by a collaboration of leading contractors to share information and help other contractors improve their sales, marketing, operations and profitability. For a very low monthly subscription, contractors are provided with a variety of business tools, such as direct mail letters, brochures, sales literature, training material, pricing spreadsheets and more.

Something New Every Week
Every week, one or more of these tools is posted to the Service Roundtable members' download center. An email describing the tool and its usage is sent to Service Roundtable members. Contractors can click on a link in the email to quickly download the tools and put them to use in their businesses immediately. They can use them as is, easily customize them for their unique circumstances, or wait for the next tool. Additional emails during the week focus on business improvement ideas and tips.

Contractor Focused
The Service Roundtable is governed by a brain trust of the nation's best contracting companies. Accordingly, the business tools are contractor focused. They are relevant to the way contractors work today. The Service Roundtable offers the tools most contractors need, but lack.

A Community Of Progressive Contractors
In addition to the business tools, the Service Roundtable represents a community of progressive contractors. Through our online Roundtable discussion groups, contractors communicate with their peers across the country in a convenient and timely manner. Service Roundtable members help each other solve the problems all contractors face.

Internet Based
The Service Roundtable is wholly Internet based. The use of the Internet dramatically lowers the cost of delivery, making the organization affordable to anyone.

The Service Roundtable is priced at just $50 per month for membership in a single trade, with no upfront or initiation fee. This compares to annual costs of $8,000 to $25,000 each year for most contractor alliances and groups, plus equivalent initiation fees. While many other organizations are content to attract a few hundred contractors, Service Roundtable members number in the thousands.

Complementary To Other Organizations
The Service Roundtable does not compete with other contractor groups, trade associations or organizations. Rather, it is a complementary organization, fulfilling an industry niche in a unique manner. Many of our members are also members of exclusive alliances, trade associations, and even franchises.

Used By Trainers & Consultants
Service Roundtable material is made available to many industry consultants and trainers to use when working with contractors. This improves the effectiveness of the trainers and consultants by freeing them up to focus on value added activities like implementation and individual performance improvement, rather than the development of sales and marketing material. Consultants and trainers also participate in the online Roundtables, passing along their knowledge to Service Roundtable members (and also picking up a customer or two along the way).

Supported By Manufacturers & Distributors
Manufacturers and distributors support and promote the Service Roundtable because dealer use of Service Roundtable business tools improves the sales performance of their customer base. They know that more sales by their dealers ultimately results in more equipment purchases from them.

Join Today!

For more information about your Service Roundtable membership, please e-mail Vicki LaPlant at vicki.laplant@serviceroundtable.com or call (903) 327-3002.

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HR Question of the Month

Ban the Man Bun?


Our employee handbook/dress code does not specifically mention a man bun. This person is in sales/merchandising. Can we ask him to not wear a man bun?


An employer can impose and enforce reasonable dress and grooming rules. Such an issue is not governed by any specific federal or state law, but rather generally is determined by each employer based on its objectives, and can include considerations such as the image the employer wishes to project to its customers, etc. As discussed below, such policies generally need to be uniform, and while limited gender-based distinctions may be permissible, the employer must be cautious before implementing gender-based grooming (including hair) and dress code requirements.

[Read more]

Estate Planning Awareness

Since 2008, the third week of October each year has been designated National Estate Planning Awareness Week. This event, held October 15–19 this year, promotes estate planning and reinforces its importance to individual and family financial wellbeing.

According to a 2017 Caring.com survey, only 42 percent of U.S. adults currently have estate-planning documents, such as a will or living trust.* For those with children under the age of 18, just 36 percent have a plan. Whether or not an individual has a will varies significantly by age, with younger generations being the least prepared in the event of a premature death.

Percentage of adults without a will:

Baby Boomers (ages 53-71): 40%
Generation X (ages 37-52): 64%
Millennials (ages 18-36): 78%

So what is estate planning and why is it so important?

[Read more]


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