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RPA Training and Certification Program ASSE 19210 Hydronic Heating and Cooling System Installer

Register for an upcoming ASSE Standard 19210 Training and Certification class. RPA training to this standard shows that your knowledge of industry best practices, state of the art installation techniques, and compliance with applicable codes and standards has been tested and certified – helping you stand out in a competitive market.

Upcoming classes:

LEGEND Valve, Auburn Hills, MI | April 2-4, 2018

Let the RPA help take your radiant and hydronics business to the next level. Increase your skills, expertise, and marketability by getting certified to the ASSE 19210 Hydronic Heating and Cooling Installer Professional Qualification Standard. During this twenty-four (24) hour training and certification program, participants will learn about hydronic and radiant heating and cooling systems and installation in a systematic way that mirrors how systems are installed in the real world. Planning projects, understanding and selecting critical system components, proper installation techniques, code requirements, system commissioning, project documentation and more will be covered, ending with a 100 question examination.  Sign up now to get trained and certified and set yourself apart from your competition.

Course Design

In the last curriculum revision in 2017, the format of the course was extensively modified to better reflect how hydronic systems are designed and installed. The new format helps reinforce where the various components of the system should be located and continually reinforces what has already been covered. The course focuses and builds upon the three primary pieces of any hydronic system – the energy source, distribution piping, and delivery of heating and cooling. The concepts and components for these three pieces, as well as all of the system components in between, are covered in great detail. After establishing a basic understanding of hydronic systems and their proper installation, related topics such as fluid characteristics, combustion, and code requirements are discussed. Finally, the course moves to an exhaustive discussion on radiant applications that builds upon what has been already learned.

Certification Exam
In order to achieve the certification, candidates must complete the classroom course and pass the certification exam. The exam consists of 100 multiple choice exam questions that must be completed within the 2-hour time limit. A score of 75% or higher is need to pass.

General Program Information

Program Outline

Day One

  • Introduction to Hydronics
    • History
    • Fundamental concepts
  • Basic Definitions and Concepts
  • Planning
  • Energy Sources
  • System Components
    • Hydraulic separation
    • Air elimination
    • Expansion tanks
    • Tempering valves
    • Circulators and pumps
    • Heat exchangers
    • Auxiliary loads

Day Two

  • Distribution Piping
  • Controls and control devices
  • Delivery methods
    • Convectors
    • Fan coil units
    • Radiant surfaces
    • Baseboard radiators
    • Radiators
  • Fluid characteristics
  • Combustions
  • Code requirements
  • Commissioning

Day Three

  • Fundamentals of radiant heating and cooling
  • Certification Exam

Program Materials

Included Materials

The following materials are included in the registration fee for this program and will be distributed to each student.

  • Modern Hydronic Heating 3rd Edition by John Siegenthaler
  • Radiant I & II eBooks
  • ASSE 19000 Hydronic Systems Professional Qualification Standard

Recommended Study Materials

The following materials are recommended for students enrolled in this program as they are referenced in the course and are in the ASSE 19210 standard. They will also provide guidance when applying what has been learned during the program at the local level.

  • 2015 Uniform Solar Energy and Hydronics Code
  • Mechanical Code(s) used in your area
  • Local ordinances



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