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The RPA once again participated in the AHR Expo, this year at Chicago's McCormack Place exhibition hall, where over 70,000 attendees and exhibitors gathered from January 22 – 24. In conjunction with the show, on Tuesday the 23rd the RPA hosted a Membership Reception, where well over 100 guests met for food and refreshments, made possible by our member company co-sponsors below. During this year's event, RPA Advisory Group Member Ingrid Mattsson of Uponor was awarded the Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence. Presented once every two years, the recognition is given to an individual known for their dedication to teaching, mentoring and raising funds for philanthropic causes on behalf of the steam and hydronic industry. While Ingrid, who is Uponor's Director of Brand and Corporate Responsibility, was unable to attend in person, Uponor's CEO Bill Gray reached her by phone and she spoke to the gathering through the sound system during the presentation.

2018 RPA Membership Reception Ingrid Mattsson, Carlson-Holohan Industry
Award of Excellence Recipient

Pictured from left to right: John Goshulak (2016 Awardee, Weil-McLain), John Siegenthaler (2014 Recipient, Appropriate Designs), Robert Bean (Indoor Climate Consultants), Bill Gray (Uponor, accepting on Ingrid's behalf) and Mark Eatherton (2008 Recipient and Chair, RPA Technical Committee).

Previous Carlson-Holohan Award Winners:

2006-2008, Mr. Dave Yates (USA)
2008-2010, Mr. Mark Eatherton (USA)
2010-2012, Mr. Ken Webster, C.E.T. (CAN)
2012-2014, Mr. John Barba (USA)
2014-2016, Mr. John Siegenthaler, P.E. (USA)
2016-2018, Mr. John Goshulak, P.Eng. (CAN)

On Wednesday at the Expo, the RPA's Hydronic Industry Alliance – Commercial committee held a breakfast meeting to discuss future activities and the Building Efficiency System Tool (BEST). This FREE tool provides annual energy consumption and lifecycle cost comparisons, based on actual system performance data, for a building HVAC system in just minutes, allowing the comparison of up to four system types at a time. Check out BEST here.

Hydronic Industry Alliance – Commercial Membership

New System Tool Reveals BEST Options Early On

For many years, HVAC industry professionals have lamented the inadequacy of packaged equipment efficiency ratings to evaluate entire operating system types equitably.

When commercial HVAC equipment is laboratory-tested and assigned an efficiency rating, water-source heat pumps may as well be apples, and VRF systems: oranges. Obviously, boilers are peaches, centrifugal chillers are bananas, and cooling towers become watermelons.

Suffice it to say, the cornucopia of efficiency rating systems (EER, IEER, SEER, AFUE, COP, etc.) makes the task of comparing real-world, as-applied system efficiencies and lifecycle costs a lengthy, arduous task. That is, until recently.

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RPA Training and Certification Program ASSE 19210 Hydronic Heating and Cooling System Installer

Register for an upcoming ASSE Standard 19210 Training and Certification class. RPA training to this standard shows that your knowledge of industry best practices, state of the art installation techniques, and compliance with applicable codes and standards has been tested and certified – helping you stand out in a competitive market.

Upcoming classes:

LEGEND Valve, Auburn Hills, MI | April 2-4, 2018

Let the RPA help take your radiant and hydronics business to the next level. Increase your skills, expertise, and marketability by getting certified to the ASSE 19210 Hydronic Heating and Cooling Installer Professional Qualification Standard. During this twenty-four (24) hour training and certification program, participants will learn about hydronic and radiant heating and cooling systems and installation in a systematic way that mirrors how systems are installed in the real world. Planning projects, understanding and selecting critical system components, proper installation techniques, code requirements, system commissioning, project documentation and more will be covered, ending with a 100 question examination.  Sign up now to get trained and certified and set yourself apart from your competition.

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Did You Know?

As an Associate Service Roundtable Member, you are invited to join us at the New Orleans Spring International Roundtable April 4-6, 2018! Attend all events listed in the flyer below for only $299/person!

Learn More: ServiceRoundtable.com/Events

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For more information about your Service Roundtable membership, please e-mail Amanda McCarty or call (877) 262-3341.

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How would a death or disabling injury affect your life? Your business? Your employees?

The distracted driving epidemic continues to wreak havoc on our nation's highways. In 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported more than 2,000,000 injuries. Worse yet, they counted 37,461 deaths related to motor vehicle traffic crashes on U.S. roadways. The death toll is rising 5 – 8 percent annually and there is no end in sight.

What are you doing to keep your employees safe? Such a significant number of these crashes are preventable, as our societal "need" to stay socially connected seems to have no boundaries.

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How Long Can You Live Without a Paycheck? Disability is more common than you think.

As long as you have the ability to earn an income, you are able to accumulate assets and provide for yourself and your family. But what would happen if you became disabled and could no longer work? The odds of becoming disabled are compelling.

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