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RPA Announces Four Upcoming IAPMO/ASSE/ANSI 19210 Hydronic Installer Training and Certification Classes

The RPA is pleased to announce the dates and locations of four new ASSE Standard 19210 Training and Certification classes. RPA training to this standard shows that your knowledge of industry best practices, state of the art installation techniques, and compliance with applicable codes and standards has been tested and certified – helping you stand out in a competitive market. See what others are saying.
Upcoming classes:

Viega Training Center, Nashua, NH August 29 - 31

CAL-STEAM/Ferguson, San Leandro (San Francisco), CA September 18 - 20

CAL-STEAM/Ferguson. Reno, NV September 25 - 27

Legend Valve, Auburn Hills, MI October 24 - 26

Take your skills to the next level and demonstrate your knowledge to your customers!

NABCEP Adds Solar Heating System Inspector and PV System Inspector Certifications to its Industry-Leading Programs

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) announced the addition of Solar Heating System Inspector (SHSI) and Photovoltaic System Inspector (PVSI) Certifications to its industry-leading programs. Unlike many of NABCEP’s other certifications, there are no specific pre-requisites for taking a NABCEP PV or Solar Heating System Inspector Exam, and the test can be taken online from anywhere that has a stable internet connection.

Inspectors play a critical role in ensuring quality renewable energy installations. These new credentials are meant to provide a mechanism for inspection professionals to demonstrate their knowledge of PV and Solar Heating systems.

NABCEP PV and Solar Heating System Inspector certifications are intended for individuals performing system inspections for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s), utilities, incentive programs, investors, and others involved in quality assurance and code compliance of PV and Solar Heating system installations.

NABCEP convened committees of subject matter experts to develop a Job Task Analysis (JTA) for Solar Heating System Inspectors. The JTA defines the tasks, knowledge, skills and abilities associated with performing inspections of solar  water heating systems. JTAs are the foundation for any personnel credential. The system inspector JTA guides training activities across the country and serves as the blueprint for a NABCEP examination.

To become a NABCEP System Inspector and maintain the credential, applicants must have knowledge of applicable codes and ordinances, be able to identify all system components and understand how to assess the safety and operation of a system.  Interpretation of design plans and building documents, conducting on-site inspections, and reporting results will each be part of  System Inspector examinations.

For more information click here.

Service World Expo

At the RPA, we are always working on your behalf to bring ideas, meetings and resources to help you improve your business.

  1. As an affiliate partner with Service Roundtable, we can make a special offer to each of you to attend Service World Expo in Las Vegas on September 7 & 8 in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. As an associate member, you are invited to a special party for Service Roundtable and Service Roundtable associate members. After all work and no play, is not the Vegas way. The attached flyer provides details on the party and all other work and play events at Service World Expo.
  2. The work begins on September 7th at a full-day conference followed on September 8th with another full day of innovative, fresh, exciting, profitable ideas and tips from both industry and non-industry speakers.
  3. This is the largest residential contractor focused conference in the industry meaning you have a chance to network and share great ideas with other like-minded contractors. Many past attendees say this is the best part because they form long-lasting relationships that can be business transforming.

For more details or go to http://www.serviceworldexpo.com for details and registration.

RADIANT LIVING | Digital Edition
To check out the May issue CLICK HERE.

Your Radiant Living Must-Reads:

  1. Industry Cooperation Produces the Best Results
  2. Building Confidence in Hydronic Systems
  3. Barn House Radiant
  4. Rock Solid Radiant
  5. Radiant Branches Out
We hope you enjoy the digital edition of Radiant Living Magazine.

Attention RPA Members: If You Have Not Yet Done So, Start Taking Advantage of Your Service Roundtable Benefits.

RPA members now receive a FREE Associate Membership with Service Roundtable. Your free Associate Membership with Service Roundtable includes:

Cash rebates from over 100 participating vendors Free Marketing and Business tool downloads Discounted registration to Service Roundtable conferences and seminars

For more information about your Service Roundtable membership, please e-mail Amanda McCarty or call (877) 262-3341.

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Pay new hires for onboarding prior to start date?

Question: : We will soon be implementing pre-employment online onboarding. As such, individuals who have accepted an offer for employment but are not yet employed will complete pre-employment paperwork including I-9, W-4, etc. on a one-time basis. They will also familiarize themselves with a few select policies. The paperwork is not burdensome. They can complete the paperwork on their own time at home and at any time prior to their first day. The paperwork is not part of the worker's assigned job duties.  Do the soon-to-be employees need to be compensated for the time it takes for them to complete the paperwork?

Response:Yes. Generally, any time an individual spends under the direction and control of the employer is compensable, and this also would include time spent completing new-hire paperwork, training, testing and/or being oriented to a new job, even if this occurs prior to commencing duties. The best practice is to have employees report for work on the first day and go through the regular orientation and paperwork process, training, etc., thus making the "hire" and "start" or "onboarding" date the same day. In sum, the employer must ensure that new hires are properly paid for all time spent "working," even if this is only to fill out new hire paperwork and undergo training or orientation before commencing actual work and even if such tasks are completed from home.

Want to learn more about how to handle issues like this?  Click Here to listen to our podcast about pre-start onboarding.

Risk Management Corner: Cybersecurity and Small Business
It’s nearly impossible these days for businesses to operate without the help of Internet-connected devices, which exposes them to cybercrime. It’s the small- to medium-sized businesses, however, that are especially vulnerable: half are victims of cybercrime and nearly two-thirds of those victims go out of business.1 Hackers increasingly target small businesses because there is a low risk they will be caught and a high probability they will be successful.

[Read more]

Family Succession Planning with Trusts
The goal of most parents is to see that their children and grandchildren succeed. As long as the parents are alive, they can help their children as needed. But, what if the parents die? Family succession planning involves helping the next generation succeed by properly protecting their assets and incenting the type of behavior parents find appropriate. This can effectively be done using one or more forms of trusts.

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