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Radiant Professionals Alliance Advisory Group Appointed
The RPA is pleased to announce that the newly formed RPA Advisory Group has been appointed by IAPMO CEO Russ Chaney. The following individuals have committed to provide ongoing support for the RPA, representing a diversity of viewpoints and areas of technical expertise:

Dale Arndt, Owner, Arndt & Son Plumbing
Mark Chaffee, VP Governmental Affairs & Sustainability, Taco, Inc.
Lance MacNevin, Director of Engineering, Building & Construction Div., Plastics Pipe Institute
Ingrid Mattsson, Director, Brand Management, Uponor
Steve Swanson, National Trainer, Uponor North America

The Advisory Group will meet on a regular basis to provide guidance to RPA staff regarding ongoing and future business development and membership services enhancement activities of the RPA. Members who would like to apply for a position on the Advisory Group should contact Les Nelson at (909) 218-8112 or les.nelson@radiantpros.org for more information.

RPA and Viega Train 24 New ASSE-Certified Hydronics and Radiant Installers

Bill Werthman (left), Senior Technical Advisor at RPA Member Legend Valve, and Bo DeAngelo, Senior Technical Trainer at Viega, at work on the exam. Along with Steve Swanson (not pictured), National Trainer at Uponor North America, each have become the newest RPA Trainers for the ASSE 19210 Hydronic Heating & Cooling System Installer Certification.

Using a comprehensive training course developed by the RPA, both Viega and the RPA have together trained 24 piping professionals who went on to successfully complete the ASSE 19210 Hydronic Heating and Cooling System Installation Professional Certification examination.

During the twenty-four (24) hour training and certification program, participants learned about hydronic and radiant heating and cooling systems and installation in a systematic way that mirrors how systems are installed in the real world. The curriculum is designed around the normal progression of a project, from planning through to commissioning, addressing all aspects of hydronic and radiant system design and installation. The course focuses and builds upon the three primary pieces of any hydronic system — the energy source, distribution piping, and delivery of heating and cooling. [Read more]

RPA in the News — AHR 2017: The RPA Awards
Former RPA Executive Director Mark Eatherton emcees the 2017 RPA Awards. Dave Hughes, Chair of the Canadian Hydronics Council also gives a brief introduction. AHR Expo 2017 was a record-setting year for the Radiant Professionals Alliance in terms of seminar attendance. Watch the video: http://contractormag.com/ahr/ahr-2017-rpa-awards

IAPMO Leads Coalition Effort Urging EPA to Continue Funding WaterSense
IAPMO, The High-Performance Buildings Coalition, and 61 of the nation’s leading manufacturers, associations, and professional organizations in the building industry delivered a letter Monday to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt urging continued federal funding for the highly successful WaterSense program.

A true public-private partnership, WaterSense is a voluntary product efficiency labeling program that identifies efficient and high-performing water-consuming products. While EPA spends approximately $3 million a year to administer the program, it has saved consumers more than $33 billion in water and energy bills since the program’s inception in 2006. The program is widely supported across the building industry and has enjoyed bipartisan support on Capitol Hill throughout its existence. This support is not only due to the program’s successful outcomes, but also because of the quality and integrity of the products bearing the WaterSense label, which are the result of federal government oversight and third-party certification. This has allowed WaterSense to benefit consumers and industry alike. [Read more]

Legislative Updates... California Declares End to Drought Emergency
Gov. Jerry Brown declared an end to California's historic drought, lifting emergency orders that had forced residents to stop running sprinklers as often and encouraged them to rip out thirsty lawns during the state's driest four-year period on record. Brown declared the drought emergency in 2014, and officials later ordered mandatory conservation for the first time in state history. Regulators last year relaxed the rules after a rainfall was close to normal. But monster storms this winter erased nearly all signs of drought, blanketing the Sierra Nevada with deep snow, California's key water source, and boosting reservoirs. However, according to the State Water Resources Control Board, water conservation will become a way of life in the nation's most populated state. Officials already have started charting long-term rules to make California more resilient as climate change makes weather patterns more severe. New rules are expected to permanently ban wasteful practices, such as hosing off sidewalks and watering landscapes in the days after it rains. Officials say they will work aggressively to stop leaks that waste water.

This is just one of the articles of information in the RPA Washington Update.  As an RPA member, you should be receiving weekly updates on the recent activity of our legislature.  If you are not receiving these updates, please let us know. 

Attention RPA Members: If You Have Not Yet Done So, Start Taking Advantage of Your Service Roundtable Benefits.
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Historic Archives
For your personal education, we are providing some historic documents showing how hydronic and radiant has progressed since its inception many years ago. Our materials, manners and methodologies have advanced significantly since its inception many years ago. This information should not be construed as a “How To” guide, but rather provides an historical perspective on our trade. Special thanks to RPA members Dan Holohan and Lance MacNevin of PPI, for allowing us to present you with these historic documents. As an RPA member, we show you the current state of the art materials and methods used today to deliver what is arguably the most comfortable and efficient method known to mankind for providing excellent human comfort.”  Please follow this link to take a look back at some historic manuals about your craft.  http://www.radiantprofessionalsalliance.org/Pages/AntiqueRadiantApplications.aspx   

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