View the staus of draft ASSE International standards below.

Designation Title WG Chair Comments
DRAFT LEC 2010  Proportional Flow Controller, with Protection from Cross Contamination, for use in Drinking Water Installations     
ASSE 1010  (Draft) Water Hammer Arresters  Weiss  WG to review new test bench set up proposal. 
ASSE 1012  (Draft) Backflow Preventer with Intermediate Atmospheric Vent    In queue to send to WG ballot. 
ASSE 1013  (Draft) Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventers and Reduced Pressure Fire Protection Principle Backflow Preventers  Higdon  Resolving working group ballot comments. 
ASSE 1015  (Draft) Double Check Backflow Prevention Assemblies and Double Check Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assemblies  Higdon  Resolving working group ballot comments. 
ASSE 1017  (Draft) Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves for Hot Water Distribution Systems    Working group ballots due Jan 10. 
ASSE 1018  (Draft) Trap Seal Primer Valves - Potable Water Supplied  Hardwick  Resolving WG ballot comments 
ASSE 1035  (Draft) Laboratory Faucet Backflow Preventers    Resolving PSC comments 
ASSE 1037  ASSE 1037-2020 / ASME A112.1037-2020 / CSA B125.37-20 Pressurized Flushing Devices for Plumbing Fixtures    Resolving PSC and TriHarm ballot comments. 
ASSE 1047  (Draft) Reduced Pressure Detector Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assemblies  Higdon  Resolving working group ballot comments. 
ASSE 1048  (Draft) Double Check Detector Fire Protection Backflow Prevention Assemblies  Higdon  Resolving working group ballot comments. 
ASSE 1066  (Draft) Individual Pressure Balancing In-Line Valves for Individual Fixture Fittings  Hardwick  Board approved 1/2020 
ASSE 1088  (Draft) Performance Requirements for Water Softener Regeneration - Brine Reclaim  Cartwright  Test labs reviewing completed draft prior to working group ballot. 
ASSE 1093  (Draft) ASSE 1093 / WSC PAS-97 - Performance Requirements for Pitless Adapters, Pitless Units, and Well Caps  Surinak  ANSI approved. Sent for publication. 
ASSE 5000  (Draft) Series 5000 Cross-Connection Control Professional Qualifications Standard  Cleary  Working group is nearing completion after which it will be sent to the PQSC. 
ASSE 6000  (Draft) Professional Qualifications Standard for Medical Gas Systems Personnel    Revision in process. Working group has been formed. Meeting will be held on 4 dates in February, 2021, 
ASSE 11000  (Draft) High Purity Piping Systems Professional Qualifications Standard    PINs have been filed. Activity on hold. 
ASSE 12000  (Draft) Professional Qualifications Standard for Infection Control Risk Assessment for All Building Systems    In Public Review period. 
ASSE 13000  (Draft) Professional Qualifications Standard for Plumbing and Residential Mechanical Service Personnel    Applications for working group are being accepted for revison of the standard. 
ASSE 18000  (Draft) Professional Qualifications Standard for Fuel Gas Systems and Equipment Installers and Repairers    PINs have been filed. No action on the standard as of this time. 
ASSE 22000  (Draft) Professional Qualifications Standard for Water Treatment Equipment Personnel  Steenhoek  PINs have been filed, initial draft is complete, working group met 10/2018. 
ASSE 27000  (Draft) ASSE Series 27000 Professional Qualifications Standard for the Design, Installation & ITM of Hybrid Fire Extinguishing Systems    Working group now forming. This series of standards addresses the qualifications of personnel who work on fire protection systems as defined by NFPA 770.